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Stucco has become an increasingly popular facing material omnipresent in modern home and commercial building design. The material is especially prevalent in the southwestern region of the United States where we New Mexicans call home. We offer a myriad of stucco-related services that range from new installations to stucco repair Albuquerque NM businesses and homeowners alike can retain. FA has a substantial history working with stucco, and our contractors are intimately familiar with the material. As a result, you will find we can provide all of the details necessary to make informed decisions about the substance. If you’re considering stucco for a new construction project and are unsure if it’s the right choice for you, our contractors will walk you through the pros and cons of using stucco. Nevertheless, it is usually an attractive option given its environmental benefits and sustainability long term. Regardless, we’ve made it part of our business practice to always create a detailed outline for our clients when they’re contemplating which route to take. Our attention to detail and thorough nature are what sets us apart from other stucco companies in Albuquerque.

Why Stucco?

Understanding The Use of Stucco Albuquerque NM

Despite its popularity and general appeal, there are a few things to consider when implementing stucco for your business or home renovation project. We will outline the basic benefits and drawbacks of stucco; however, the recommended course of action is to get in touch with our contractors to discuss the material in relation to your project. Our free estimates will give you an idea of what to expect price-wise for your project. What we can guarantee is you won’t find a group of stucco contractors Albuquerque locals like and respect more than our crew at FA Plumbing & Construction. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should consider stucco for your next home improvement project.

Before you can make an informed decision regarding stucco, it helps to know what exactly the material itself consists of. Stucco is a construction material comprised of aggregates (a medium-grained particulate used in construction), binder (which serves as an adhesive), and water. Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. Stucco is used for a variety of different purposes including as a decorative coating for ceilings and walls. It is also regarded as an artistic material, often present in decorative renderings.

As far as stucco Albuquerque is concerned, the material makes sense for our regional and environmental makeup. A lot of home improvement companies don’t take the time to understand how climate will affect the materials you use. Inevitably even the most finely installed stucco will require repairs and maintenance down the road due to its nature. However, at FA Plumbing & Construction, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you to determine that stucco is often an ideal material for home and commercial owners to use on their properties here in New Mexico.

Now that we’ve outlined the general makeup of stucco and its purposes, here are some of the pros and cons of stucco Albuquerque:


As a building material, stucco makes an attractive, durable, and weather-resistant wall covering. We know a lot about stucco because of its deep roots in homebuilding history. Its most prominent selling point is arguably its durability. While materials like brick and wood are undeniably attractive, stucco is fire and pest-resistant, making it ideal for homeowners but especially commercial owners. Stucco has natural insulation properties, that help mitigate the consequences of a disaster. Fire resistance in general is ideal for both homeowners and business owners as it protects your investments and keeps your customers safe. One of the largest concerns regarding stucco stems from aesthetics. Generally, those who are stucco opposed see it as mundane and lacking versatility. As one of the best stucco companies in Albuquerque, we are confident you will find a variation and style to your liking, should you decide to implement stucco. Our contractors have a long history working with stucco and can recommend its usage far beyond simple structural features. We will build you something just as artistically sound. Finally, stucco has good resale value, especially here in Albuquerque where the material is coveted.


Stucco is usually best utilized and cared for with routine maintenance, a service we at FA Plumbing & Construction also offer for many of our installations. Furthermore, stucco can be a bit volatile and unpredictable if it’s installed incorrectly leading to expensive stucco repair Albuquerque property owners would probably rather avoid. With our personal track record for excellence and our proper licensing and bonding, we can prevent major issues from occurring when you opt for our services. However, routine maintenance can help in maintaining and preserving your investment.

While stucco is largely fire-resistant, it is unfortunately rather absorbent because of its porous nature. Therefore, over time the elements can wreak major havoc on your stucco Albuquerque project. Usually, routine maintenance should help mitigate major fallout from liquid damage. A little wear and tear here and there are typically permissible and won’t cause extreme issues like mold from taking control. Mold, in any capacity, is never something you want coating your orifices.

Affordable. Reliable and Professional

Stucco Repair Albuquerque

Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late for preventative measures. In some circumstances, the best choice moving forward is to enlist full-on repair services. Luckily, the contractors at FA Plumbing & Construction are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to implement widescale repairs designed to restore your stucco. We offer a thorough repair service that revitalizes, refurbishes, and restores issues with your stucco in a timely and affordable way.

Our ability to repair your stucco will likely be contingent on how quickly you are able to identify the symptoms of distress and damage. Certain symptoms will be easier to identify solely based on visual appearance. However, when it comes to preserving stucco and overseeing successful repair, time is of the essence. There is always the possibility that the damage is too great to be repaired even by our competent stucco repair Albuquerque contractors. 

Stucco Repair Albuquerque

Full-Service Installations and Replacements

As our client, FA will never authorize any service without your consent. However, we will always give you our professional opinion. Choosing to repair simply because it’s cheaper than a brand-new installation is understandable, but it won’t bode well in the future. Sometimes it’s best to make the investment and simply replace stucco that is far too damaged. Regardless of the task at hand, we will walk you through all of your options compiling rates and estimates for what you’d be faced with financially. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest not cutting corners when it comes to installations, repairs, and replacements.

One of the largest risk factors for stucco damage is faulty installation. There are certain stucco companies Albuquerque property owners might be drawn to due to cheap pricing. While a low-price tag is understandably attractive, it comes with many potential risk factors if installed incorrectly. Improperly mixed and balanced stucco is vulnerable to severe water damage. Essentially the anatomy and makeup of stucco are pertinent to its ability to provide optimal safety. We at FA have worked up close and personal with stucco for decades, enabling us to give you the best installation available.

Stucco Repair Albuquerque NM

Commercial Services That Keep You Up and Running

One of the biggest questions we hear from commercial clients is “how long will this take?” The question is often followed by “will this affect my business?” Fortunately, at FA Plumbing & Construction, we’ve been in the industry long enough to implement expeditious stucco repair that does not cut corners. In fact, we offer stucco repair Albuquerque NM businesses can trust to work around scheduling needs.

We understand that many businesses cannot afford to take even one day off. As a result, we work with our clients to find scheduling solutions that allow us to be as non-interfering as possible. Whether we’re assisting with an installation, replacement, or repair, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to conduct business as usual.

Moreover, you can safely trust FA to provide contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured. We keep all of our documentation and licensing up to date to certify a prosperous and trustworthy working relationship. All in all, FA makes an ideal partner for businesses looking to retain quick and reliable repairs.  

Why Choose Us?

In your search for stucco repair, you will likely find several other providers that can do the job properly. However, our combination of exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service brings you an experience unlike any other. As a local business built by and for New Mexicans, we truly care about the reputation that we uphold in our community. We are here to provide you with a service that you can trust, pioneered by contractors who genuinely enjoy the work that they do. Affordable, dependable, experienced, and detail-oriented, FA is the area’s best choice for stucco services.