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At FA Plumbing & Construction we offer a wide range of home improvement and construction services designed to bring your unique vision to life safely and affordably.
Unlike other plumbing or roofing companies Albuquerque homeowners can enlist, the contractors in our operation possess the skillset and depth of acumen necessary to provide top-notch services in a variety of different disciplines. For years, we have upheld our reputation for excellence by providing those in our community with unbeatable craftsmanship and professional customer service.

What makes FA the right choice for your home improvement project? Unlike other stucco companies in Albuquerque, or contractors that focus solely on providing one type of service, we provide a myriad of different services at a competitive price. Our seasoned contractors operate with efficiency and confidence thanks to decades of experience and refined industry insight. FA is an operation that expertly balances time-honored techniques with revolutionary technology.

When it comes to plumbing, constructing, and roofing Albuquerque, locals trust FA to execute each project with focus and determination. Small enough to treat each customer with personalized care yet large enough to successfully oversee any type of project, we feel confident that FA is the right choice for you.

From Concrete Installation to

Stucco Repair Albuquerque Relies on Us

FA has always maintained that an exceptional business operation begins by forming and sustaining a crew of talented and hardworking individuals. We employ a versatile group of seasoned and certified plumbing, stucco, and roofing contractors Albuquerque locals can trust to work with tact and efficiency in their personal space. Our crew members are trained to always act in a professional yet affable manner, answering all of your questions with transparency and directness.
Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who demonstrate mastery in multiple different fields of construction and home improvement. With over 40 years of successful operation in constructing and roofing Albuquerque, we believe the key to success lies in letting the results speak for themselves. Furthermore, we also believe in building long-term relationships with clients and above all else always treating them with dignity and respect. It’s one of the many reasons why we’ve been fortunate to run our business successfully for decades. When you work with FA, you work with a crew that believes in collaboration, meaning you’re updated and informed each step of the way.

Why Choose Us? Going Above and Beyond Basic

Stucco Repair Albuquerque

Despite our desire to oversee your project, we acknowledge that there are multiple reputable stucco contractors Albuquerque residents can choose from. What makes us different? Here are the reasons why we believe FA is the right choice for your next home or building improvement project:


At FA we believe that experience comes from being willing to take calculated risks and learning from mistakes the first time around. As a result, experience has enabled us to recognize and diagnose problems efficiently, foresee major issues before they occur, and answer your questions with ease. With 40 years invested in our operation, we also know that customer service is just as, if not equally as important, as the work we provide. There are many competent home improvement crews out there, but many of them lack the skill set necessary to always operate with professionalism and tact. Bottom line? Whether we’re assisting with roofing, concrete, plumbing, or stucco Albuquerque homeowners can trust we have the experience necessary to guide and execute their project.


The past four decades have taught us that honesty and directness are always the best way to communicate with our clients. Even when the discussions get difficult, it is our responsibility to paint clients the full picture and all of the facts. Our contractors are forthright yet polite because being direct doesn’t mean having to sacrifice decorum in the process. Regardless of the task at hand, we choose to treat our clients with a baseline of respect. We pride ourselves on setting the standard for customer service and believe the best work starts with transparency. When it comes to roofing companies Albuquerque homeowners know FA sets the golden standard for communication. We want our clients to feel safe and comfortable asking us questions and expressing their concerns. Above all else, it is our job to foster an environment that promotes healthy communication.


There are certain ventures where it’s possible to cut corners and opt for the cheapest option available. However, when it comes to matters of the home, going with a discount provider typically isn’t prudent. While our services might not be the cheapest available, we do price our work competitively. Furthermore, we provide work that doesn’t require premature fixes down the road. Meaning you won’t have to hire another company to come in and fix haphazard work. We provide quality repair, replacement, and installation that is primed to withstand the test of time. Moreover, we also utilize high-grade materials and equipment, to guarantee your home receives nothing but the best care possible. From concrete installation to stucco repair Albuquerque homeowners will find we offer a fair deal at the intersection of price and quality.


When it comes to matters of the home, one can never be too cautious. Even with decades of experience, human error is always a possibility. As a result, we are meticulous and diligent about our licensing, and never make exceptions when it comes to the credentials of our employees. Upholding current and up-to-date licensing and insurance is critical to our operation, and something we require of all of our team members. Our contractors are all bonded and insured to protect everyone involved and prevent major fallout or complications in the future. We are happy to provide the necessary documentation to put your mind at ease and know that your next Albuquerque stucco repair project is in good hands.


Unlike other companies that specialize in providing only one service, FA makes your home renovation process simple by offering a myriad of services all under one roof. We are an excellent choice for clients across the board because we can handle multiple unique projects at a time. We’re your one-stop-shop for construction work, bundling together various services you won’t find offered at other roofing companies Albuquerque residents utilize. We employ competent contractors who specialize in various disciplines. We will match you with the correct team members based on your current project. Don’t let our scope of offerings intimidate you, we only provide services we are confident can be rendered immaculately. In short, our contractors will never put our name behind subpar work.

And More

There are countless reasons as to why you should enlist FA for your project. We are always available to yield questions and provide further context as to why we make the best choice for your project. All you have to do is ask.

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Services at a Glance - Getting Started

To begin your project, we first recommend getting in touch with one of our associates. We can discuss the parameters of your project, and you can ask any preliminary questions you might have. The process begins by reaching out, from there, we can decide the next step which usually involves seeing your property in person. Regardless, we will walk you through all of the necessary steps, so you know exactly what to expect when retaining the services of FA Plumbing & Construction.
Our services are wide-ranging and cover a lot of different ground. We specialize in everything from plumbing care to stucco repair Albuquerque NM trusts. What you see here is merely a representation of our most popular services. If you’re curious about the capabilities of our contractors and what they’re able to offer, give us a call today. As an overview, we can help customers with multiple services including (but not limited to):
Complete roofing care that focuses on meeting the immediate needs of your roof. FA can replace and restore roofs with minimal to major damage, provide routine maintenance to check for any potential issues, and execute installations. Including providing state-of-the-art metal roofing Albuquerque homeowners love.
Concrete is a popular substance that is present in many home improvement projects. We provide a quality grade concrete ideal for multiple projects, ranging from basic to decorative.
A versatile facing material that is utilized frequently in Albuquerque, we offer cutting-edge stucco repair, installation, and replacement.
As a critical component of your home’s anatomy, you’ll never regret taking steps to fortify and/or improve your plumbing. Our expert contractors are here to tackle your most pesky plumbing issues from largescale installations to general repairs.

Our talented contractors are well-versed in various construction ventures. Have a construction goal in mind? We’ll work with you collaboratively to outline, jumpstart, and complete your improvement. We assist with installation, replacements, repairs, and general contracting.

Our services are available for both homeowners and commercial business owners.

The best way to utilize our services is to start by outlining your renovation and construction goals with one of our contractors. On the rare occasion we cannot fulfill your request, we’ll help you find the right company to take on the job or recommend an alternative pathway forward.